62 year old sues Kayihura

62 year old sues Kayihura

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A 62-year-old LC1 chairperson of Kitambuza village in Kanyanya – Kawempe division dragged the IGP General Kale Kayihura to High court seeking to be compensated for torture and inhumane treatment by members of Boda-boda 2010 who claimed to be working under the IGP’s command.

Daniel Mayombwe says that on the fateful day of 3rd/October 2017, him along with the teachers and pupils of Winter land primary school were invited to attend and perform at the annual police celebrations at Entebbe.

Upon reaching Busega roundabout, they were stopped by men who claimed to be members of Boda-boda 2010 and that were they were under strict instructions by the IGP and Uganda Police force to fight crimes and any kinds of demonstrations.

Mayombwe notes that the men entered the car and started beating him together with school girls aged ten while accusing them of being among the protesters of the presidential age limit bill.

He adds that the men beat them up simply because the girls had put on their school uniform which has all the 3 colors of the Uganda National Flag -Black, yellow, red and had tied red ribbons on their heads.

In this suit filed through Renowned Human rights lawyer Laduslous Rwakafuuzi, Mayombwe and his 2 co-plaintiffs including; Jamil Kiragga and Evarist Kalungi claim the beating and the degradation was done in the presence of the Uganda Police who neither restrained nor arrested the men for their actions but they were later shocked to learn that each man was paid shs20,000 for the work done by Nateete police station.

It’s for this reason that the trio have sued the IGP Kayihura, the leader of Boda-boda 2010 Abdullah Kitatta and the Attorney General for several declarations including the banning of Boda-boda 2010 because its members are danger to the  public .

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