British Ghanaian TV personality Peace Hyde graces KOKO Magazine.

British Ghanaian TV personality Peace Hyde graces KOKO Magazine.

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Peace Hyde turned 32 yesterday on 9th August. The award winning broad caster penned down a lovely birthday message to herself and posted it via her Instagram celebrating her 32nd birthday thanking the lord for his unmerited favors upon her life though she has always gone her ways but he still loves her.

Peace Hyde’s birthday message she penned down to herself.

The Ghanaian media personality has graced the latest edition of KOKO Magazine. She speaks about her personal life, marriage, Fame and feminism. During her interview and photo shoot she reveals about her good societal behavior and her perception about marriage.

Peace Hyde reveals,

“I believe as women we have the ability to multi-task and I think that is one of the biggest advantages we have. It is true I have a hectic workload and when I am in work mode; there is really no time for anything else. But I believe the key to having a balanced life is also making time for some down time. At the moment I would say I work a lot more than I relax simply because I believe when you are given an opportunity, you give your absolute best to deliver.  I have a good social life but it can be better but I am actually not complaining because I love what I do and I am extremely blessed to be able to do it. 

I believe society places a lot of expectations on young girls in terms of what age or stage in life they are supposed to get married which invariably leads a lot of young girls down a path where they are forced into marriages with the wrong person and often leads to a life time of sorrow and depression.

‘There is nothing wrong with people getting married early providing they have taken the time to know each other and are making an informed decision based purely on love and mutual respect for one another instead of societal or peer pressure. That is what I am against. I believe I will get married when God deems it the right time.” 

Peace Hyde graces KOKO magazine.

Peace Hyde.

Peace Hyde.


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