Dr Hilderman reveals why he used to hate fellow singer Bobi Wine.

Dr Hilderman reveals why he used to hate fellow singer Bobi Wine.

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Dr Hilderman has let the cat out of the bag.

The ‘Amelia’ singer through his social media singer has come out to reveal that he used to hate fellow singer and politician Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine because the newly elected Kyadondo East Member Of Parliament used to campaign in suits.

I used to hate you Bobi Kyagulanyi every time you came to campaign in suits. Inside me i was like cant Bobi get adifferent atire. My reasons were, i hate suits because they have been misused by people who have drained our country, rot our dreams and ambitions, corrupted and stolen what belongs to us with no inspirational drive to majority nationals. Everything on news is about men en women in suits stealing, embezzeling funds, misusing offices, mirepresenting us in parliament nentamwa amasuuti. however if it is The same atire we need to use to correct past mistakes i call upon every youth en able bodied, dnt hate the suits again. Thugs are using that chance to deprive us of everything since they know we dont care. its time to care era Melan Apple Kyeyune Geofrey Kayemba Ssolo partriko Wamala Balunabba dnt hate the suits. Bobi kyagulanyi thank u.” Hilder revealed. 

However Dr Hilder’s views on Bobi Wine have changed. This comes after the “Bikwaase Kyagulanyi” singer openly addressed addressed NRM Members Of Parliament on Age limit removal in a video that has gone viral on social media.




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