Faded socialite Bad Black shakes Snapchat as she shares her nudity.

Faded socialite Bad Black shakes Snapchat as she shares her nudity.

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Whether you’ve just gotten on Snapchat, or you’re an avid Snapchatter, besides your friends and the popular American figures; there are plenty of interesting people to follow right here in Uganda.

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Shanitah Namuyimba, commonly known as Bad Black or Snail Baby as she recently re-branded is moving and blowing up Snapchat.

The once rich party animal lost her fame when she was arrested and spent four years behind bars. Immediately she was set free, Bad black joined the music industry in order to revive her lost Glory something that didn’t go well as she ran out due to the tough competition.

But She didn’t give up on her quest to reclaim her celebrity throne! The struggling Bad Black found solace in Jesus Christ during Pastor Kayanja famous 77 Days Of Glory and within no time, she was allover Facebook preaching the Gospel and calling onto her followers to give their lives to Christ. Bad Black even announced that she was building a church in areas of Bugolobi where she would become a full time pastor.

Bad Black giving her life to Christ at Pastor Kayanja’s miracle center.

Due to her thirst for party life and men, She traveled to Malaysia where she worked on her boobs, nose and worked more on her bleached skin;  publicly announcing that she was into prostitution for survival.

Bad Black has since then quit Facebook and resorted to the new trending video application Snapchat where she shares raunchy videos and photos of herself exposing her nudity.

Here are some of Bad Black’s pictures and posts;

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