Good News! Confusing Doors Aren’t Your Fault!

Good News! Confusing Doors Aren’t Your Fault!

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How many times have you approached a door and found yourself struggling to open it?

Maybe you went in for a push on a pull door, or a pull for a push door, either way, somehow you were bested by an inanimate object.

Confusing doors may be everywhere, but we have some good news, they are not your fault!

Today on Ever Widening Circles (EWC), we are going to talk about something we all frequently encounter but very often overlook; bad design. Now, the word design makes some people recoil, very often “design” is associated with lofty things like particularly uncomfortable but beautiful chairs, or elegant objects that are to be looked at but not touched. This is not the kind of design we are talking about here.

We are talking about the kind of design we encounter on a daily basis. Doors, light switches, tea kettles, confusing buttons, showers, everyday places where we interact with objects and interfaces people have designed. Sometimes this is done well, other times we are left crashing into a glass door with a hot coffee in hand, or standing in a new shower unable to figure out how to change the water temperature from freezing.

To show us exactly why that confusing door isn’t your fault, here’s the great YouTube Channel Vox in collaboration with one of our favorite podcasts 99% Invisible…

*Language note: There are some bleeped swear words in this video brought on by bad design.

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