“I hate men who waste a woman’s time” Angry Sheila Gashumba warns men to stay away from her.

“I hate men who waste a woman’s time” Angry Sheila Gashumba warns men to stay away from her.

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Sheila Gashumba has warned men to stay away from her.

The TV personality who is currently in South Africa on a holiday after hosting the Star QT Awards has come up to speak against men that are always waiting for the opportunity to waste a woman’s time.

NTV Style program presenter might have been angered by a man who is said a waitress to approach her while she was out in club with her friends having fun thus sounding the warning.

The angry Sheila went ranting on her Snapchat warning the men to stay away saying she wasn’t searching

“Please men, stop this nonsense of sending a waiter or a waitress to a lady to talk to them for you. !! Like really? Get busy!! Do i look like i am searching!! Then you even wait for me by the washroom. A No is a no!!!…I hate men who are always waiting for an opportunity to waste a woman’s time.
But men ah, then someone comes to you and tells you how you are moving with the wrong men and he is the perfect one. Smh!! How did you start knowing what is perfect for me, I don’t even know who you are and i don’t even want to know who you are!!
There are women who are happy and contented were they are in life. Then another lady tells you she is married and you say you don’t care!!! Where did you buy that confidence? People need to learn how to positively take in rejection.
One thing i personally hate is people who you don’t personally know trying to have a conversation with you in the bar or club!! All up in your space and ears. Men need to start understanding that they are some women who literally love their time to be wasted!! And there is another breed of women who don’t have time for petty things and nonsense!! Know the difference. ” Sheilah said

Sheila was previously linked to singer Ceaserous who came out on one of the radio stations and cleared the air “that’s not true, she was less than a friend. We studied in the same school,”

The ‘Dangerous’ singer also explained that people have developed the misconception because they normally see them together, saying it’s a respectful relationship.

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