Huddah Monroe gets New Boobs(pics)

Huddah Monroe gets New Boobs(pics)

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Some time back Huddah Monroe was made fun of in regards to her small boobs.

huddah monroe

Huddah Monroe

Later on she was spotted with bigger boobs and everyone was convinced that she had a boob job.

Huddah decided to go under the knife as she has revealed that she’s in Beverly Hills getting her boobs done. The procedure cost her a whooping $10,545.

Last week, Vera advised her followers on social media to go to Beverly Hills if they want any surgery done as they have the best surgeons unlike Miami.

We all know Vera and Huddah are the biggest of enemies but it’s quite evident that they stalk each other on the down low. Huddah seems to have taken her advice and took up the option of visiting a surgeon in Beverly Hills.

Check out photos of receipts of the job;

huddah surgery

huddah surgery

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