“I wanna marry him, but we’ll see”- Amber Rose.

“I wanna marry him, but we’ll see”- Amber Rose.

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Amber Rose says wants to marry again. She is currently dating an American rapper called 21 Savage. Amber Rose and 21 Savage have been making news about their rumored relationship but have came out to make it public by affectionately displaying it to whoever cared to see, how deeply they are into each other.

When Amber Rose was asked whether it’s 21 Savage she just denied and said ‘No’, it’s not him. Who could be the guy she wants to marry? but we hope it’s him because the said couple are crazily in love with each other.

This landed into Amber Rose’s ex- husband Wiz  Khalifah and blessed them to go ahead with their relationship.  It has been reported that her estranged husband and rapper Wiz Khalifah approved of their relationship.

Wedding bells seem to be knocking her way soon for the Slutwalk, Feminist and author Amber Rose who confesses that she is in love and happy.

During her interview with TMZ at the airport from Atlanta, she reveals, she wants to marry again. Would it be 21 Savage or someone else?  She says, She’s in love and happy but will see.

Hopefully, it’s 21 Savage, she’s talking about to marry. It will be her third time to get married and to be walked down the aisle if at all she makes up her mind and decides to marry once again since she’s currently overwhelmed with love and seems to be happy.  Amber Rose goes ahead to gush about her new fiancee how they have so much in common with 21 Savage.

Amber Rose reveals, Let’s talk about how much in love I am, how happy I am. I just got back from Atlanta. I’m in love, I’m happy. I wanna marry him, but we’ll see. We just have so much in common, man.”

Video 1- Credit goes to TMZ.

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Amber Rose kissing 21 savage.




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