Kanyamunyu Granted Bail At Last

Kanyamunyu Granted Bail At Last

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The High Court in Kampala has finally granted bail the Lugogo forest mall key murder suspect Matthew Kanyamunyu from custody at Luzira prison.

Kanyamunyu is indicted for the murder of social worker Kenneth Akena in November last year at Jinja Road- Highway within Kampala district after the two got in to a quarrel when the deceased allegedly scratched his car.

Prosecution evidence indicates that Kanyamunyu immediately pulled out a gun and shot at Akena before breathing his last at Novik hospital in Kampala.

Justice Wilson Kwesiga has ordered Kanyamunyu to pay a cash bail of ten million shillings, deposit his passport with the registrar of high court within 7 days and to be reporting to the registrar in-charge of High court  -criminal matters once every month until the end of his murder trial.

While releasing Kanyamunyu on bail, justice Kwesiga noted that he was satisfied that  the accused has a fixed place of residence at  Royal Palms along  Butabika Road, that he had presented substantial sureties and that there might be a like -hood of delay in fixing  his case  for trial given the judiciary  cause-listing system of cases of  first in-frist serve .

Justice Kwesiga also noted that there is a need to decongest prisons by decreasing on the number of remand in-mates before consoling the deceased’s relatives that releasing Kanyamunyu on bail is not the end of the case as he will  now join the long list of suspects who are out on bail but yet to face trial.

Matthew Kanyamunyu joins his co-accused Cynthia Munwangari and Joseph Kanyamunyu who were the first to be released on bail in March this year.

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