Kenyan singer Akothee admits she still misses her Ex through an emotional message.

Kenyan singer Akothee admits she still misses her Ex through an emotional message.

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Kenyan singer Akothee has admitted that she deeply misses her Ex boyfriend and baby daddy.

The singer took to her social media platfroms to express her candid feelings in a sweet tribute to the father of her fifth born sons, Oyoo.

According to Akothee, the baby daddy who she identifies as Dr K, is one of the best men alive having treated all her kids equally and taking good care of them, including taking them to the best schools.

Read it below;

The only thing I can say is, I sincerely miss you, the heart of Gold you have penzi yangu , , I met you as I was lactating , milk was oozing from my blouse as if I was a cow from grade 2 , you allowed me to be me and do what I wanted , you could prepare soup for me when I came back hangovered from a long girly party night , I could hear you scream to the employees to keep quiet mama is asleep, but I was busy nursing a hangover , you took my children to the best schools, and was always present at their parents meetings with or without me , you made my kids step into Europe like queens what else can I ask you papa Oyoo , I dedicate this month to you , yes , you crazy in your own way but you gave me the world & spoilt me , everyman after you is seing and meeting hell here , I could travel all over the world and not even have a second thought of how or what will be with the children, ” Akothee wrote.

She continued: ”Today I have to plan my calendaer a year before , I cancel so many deals which will make me stay away from home for more than a week , today I have nobody to leave the children with , freedom is not freedom anymore , you still call me “penzi yangu ” I cant go on for am in tears, I feel so tired and wasted , I arrive at my destination, and phone calls back at home get me going back to the airport , the last time I saw Dr.k was April, I keep on postponing flights, today its been 6 months , I found this photo & I broke down, stay loved and missed papa Oyoo , you will never be my Ex you remain in the list of my present past future , I MISS YOU DAD, @oyootheprince”

Akothee and D.R K

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