Lagos Couple Hire Strippers For Wedding Reception.

Lagos Couple Hire Strippers For Wedding Reception.

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A Lagos wedding party was taken to a whole new level of wedding parties after its after party served guests the treats of explicit strippers who entertained guests with their derrieres shaking profusely on the dance floor.

The bride is Adesola Adepoju of House of Jahdara and her husband

The white wedding reception was held at the Landmark event centre, Oniru on Saturday and Nigerians can’t get enough of the event.

From the lavish white wedding reception, to its exotic decor which had “angels” in it, to the bride’s gown and all… the wedding was certainly the talk of town.

But what’s more awing is the after party of the event which had strippers hired to entertain guests and money bundles were given out as souvenir.

 Watch video below;

 Twitter reacted to the surprising act.

 quite obvious, they want them to strip them of their future happiness.

 highest level of irresponsibility

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