Make Fashion Statements As You Rock ‘Dramatic Sleeves’

Make Fashion Statements As You Rock ‘Dramatic Sleeves’

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The dramatic sleeve aka exaggerated sleeves have been trending this year.

It has become a trend fashionistas are obsessed with at the moment and it’s not a bad detail at all. The bolder the ‘drama’, the trendier it becomes.

The dramatic sleeve trend was traced back to the 1800s when it was recorded and then made a major comeback around the 1980’s only to start playing strong again in 2017.

Dramatic sleeves are featured in different styles, shapes, sizes, silhouettes and more depending solely on style preference. With creative styling, exaggerated sleeves add a whole new outlook to a get up.

With dramatic sleeves, other pieces should be played down/kept as simple or minimal as possible to make sure the exaggerated sleeves get all the attention.


You can play with different textures, hues depending on personal style but nothing should compete with this detail (the dramatic sleeves) making them the focal point of the entire look. You can spruce up a simple look with detail on the sleeves to turn around the whole look from simple to fierce.

The can be scored on white shirts (the best as they come perfect to style) on colourful prints for the bold. The dramatic sleeves also work on a dress, a playsuit more minimal styles that make them pop.

See more photos here; ‘Dramatic Sleeves’ are making bold statements.

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