Mugabe instructs his wife, Grace to leave Zimbabwe.

Mugabe instructs his wife, Grace to leave Zimbabwe.

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Although the military are claiming this is not a coup, it certainly has all the hallmarks of one.

It’s looking increasingly likely Robert Mugabe will indeed be ousted from power in the near future, and he’s getting Grace Mugabe out of Zimbabwe.

News24 were the first to break the news, citing ‘verified reports’ that he will reluctantly give up his role as president, in exchange for the safe extradition of his wife Grace. Here’s how the news was relayed by Adriaan Basson.

“Verified reports confirm that Mugabe has negotiated for Grace to leave the country while he prepares to step down.”

“Press conference tomorrow afternoon. Soldiers indeed have the president and his presidential guard under siege. Zimbabweans are urged to stay away from the CBD tomorrow until further notice.”

One of our own sources also told us Mugabe is planning to address the nation, and announce his resignation. He is allegedly under house arrest.

source: faceofmalawi

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