Paris Hilton calls Buhle Mkhize “South Africa”

Paris Hilton calls Buhle Mkhize “South Africa”

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It’s New York Fashion Week which means that everybody who is anybody is making an appearance at the shows.

On Tuesday night Buhle Mkhize posted a video onto her Insta stories (which sadly get deleted after 24 hours) where Paris Hilton turned to her and said “hi South Africa.”

Buhle also seemed to have an “eye-roll moment” at the comment and was almost as confused as we were.

Maybe they’re pals and hang out and that’s just a nickname good ol’ Paris has for Buhle.

It’s no secret that Paris is a fan of South Africa and when she was here during the 2010 World Cup she flew one of her fans to meet with her and spend time with her.

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