Rihanna in a new drama movie.

Rihanna in a new drama movie.

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The celebrated singer is a guest star in a new drama movie titled ‘Marion.’

The drama movie ‘Marion’ airs every Monday night in episodes.

Rihanna just couldn’t believe watching herself stripping off her clothes to shower after finding out that her boyfriend  Sam (Austin Nichols) was married.

She shared a video on her social media(Instagram) watching her first episode looking all surprised with unbelievable looks.

Surprised Rihanna watching her first episode.

 Her role in the movie, she is seen rushing into a motel shower feeling disappointed and quickly steps behind the curtain indulging in a hot steamy shower to leave the motel before Sam finds her.

Rihanna indulging in a hot shower.


Rihanna rushing to shower.


Rihanna stripping off her bra.




Rihanna enjoying her shower in a Motel after discovering out that her boyfriend is married.




Rihanna rushing to leave the motel after having a hot shower.

The show’s executive producer Carlton Cuse said, “We spent a long, long time talking about how Marion Crane for 2017 had to be a very different character than the one in the 1960 Hitchcock movie,”

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