Singer A Pass addresses the current political ‘anxiety’ in a song.

Singer A Pass addresses the current political ‘anxiety’ in a song.

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Singer Alex Bagonza has addressed the political ‘anxiety’ in the country after he unveiled a sample of a politically charged new song.

Without revealing the title, the singer said he penned the track in response to the current political affairs in the country “Message To some of our politrickers who take pride in laughing at our pain, it won’t be forever.” A Pass said.

Watch video here;

A Pass further addressed gave his opinion on the Presidential term limits;

“Honestly, I don’t like Museveni’s way of doing things and most of his zombie NRM members but I would love us to find remedy not fault in what has been done and what maybe done, anyone can complain and complaining is the best Ugandans can do, this has to change. “Never confuse movement with action.” 
There is not much we can do because most of what we do is complain, to be honest Time and patience will be our strongest weapon in such moments.  Most people say they want change and they want to change Uganda I think you should begin by changing yourself. Be loyal to your country Uganda, and be loyal to the government if it deserve it. Age is an issue of mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it doesn’t matter.”

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