Singer Fergie and Josh Duhamel split up.

Singer Fergie and Josh Duhamel split up.

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Fergie,(42), and Josh Duhamel,(44), have called it quits after eight years of marriage. The couple made a joint statement earlier in the day that it’s now over between them.

According to some reports, the main reason that could have called for their break up after eight years of marriage is “Difference.”

The said celebrity couple have/had a lot of difference in their backgrounds and also wanted different things.

They have split up but they have a kid together who just turned four years old last month in August.

Fergie and Josh Duhamel said, With absolute love and respect we decided to separate as a couple earlier this year. To give our family the best opportunity to adjust, we wanted to keep this a private matter before sharing it with the public. We are and will always be united in our support of each other and our family.”  

Shortly, after making a joint statement deciding to separate as a couple, Josh stepped out without wearing his wedding ring. And this could really be serious that the two are no longer an item anymore.

He was spotted strolling down through a hiking trail in Brentwood, California, on Thursday, wearing a blue hat, black shirt and jeans with no wedding ring on his finger.

Fergie and her son.


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