Sylvia Owori Quits NTV Uganda.

Sylvia Owori Quits NTV Uganda.

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Fashionista Sylvia Owori has quit NTV.

Sylvia Owori

In a statement she released,Owori revealed how her decision was well-thought out and that it has come at the right time.

“With a heavy heart, I would like to announce to all my fans and well-wishers my resignation as the host of NTV Style project. This comes after a great deal of contemplation and consultation on what could be the best way forward for me and the show that I have grown to so much apprize,” the statement introduction reads.

The former Miss Uganda beauty pageant organizer further notes that she left the program because of soft friction between her and the management.

“Because I and the executives at the station regrettably couldn’t concur with each other on what in my capacity (as a pivotal part of the show) thought was vital in making the show even better in the future,” the statement reads in part.”

To that she added in a more emotional tone how despite her efforts to come to come to a common ground with the management it was futile:

“I have always believed in giving utmost effort to finding common ground or effective and pragmatic ways to move forward when parties disagree. That style has been instrumental in making the show successful but alas I found that atmosphere was suddenly unfortunately vanishing to my regret.”

On a brighter side, Owori revealed on possibilities of coming back to the station any time:

“I will therefore take this time to continue to reflect in order to be able to comeback with an even more elaborate, widespread and ultimately greater show in the near future.”

She concluded thanking NTV for having given her a platform and space for the show and wished whoever will be spearheading the show the best.

“I would like to extend my utmost gratitude to NTV Uganda for the opportunity, their courteous professional guidance and support they have given me over the past two years.

“I wish The Style Project great success in the future. I’m extremely proud and fortunate to have been a part of one of the highest rated shows in Uganda!” she concluded.

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