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“The God’S are not Crazy, WE ARE” by Eric Omondi, Chipukeezy

Eric Omondi and Chipukeezy lately have been on a parody spree

– The two have released their latest one fished from the popular movie: The Gods must be crazy

There has been mixed reactions after noise makers, Eric Omondi and Chipukeezy first announced their upcoming video clip last week with some rather eyeball-popping pictures.

The pictures annoyed some while other were psyched for the upcoming projects.

The two have now released “THE GOD’S ARE NOT CRAZY, WE ARE”, a parody of the popular movie, The Gods must be crazy.

Just like Saratina, which Omondi imitated Sarafina, a few scenes in THE GOD’S ARE NOT CRAZY WE ARE are borrowed from the movie though the plot has a few twist here and there.

For instance, Huddah is introduced in the clip and the two start fighting for her.

Her role, however, is a small one in the first edition of the parody which, seems like Omondi might make a second edition if the first hits.

The two comedians have been dominating the comedy space in Kenya so far, especially after teaming up.

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