TV personality Kleith Kyatuhaire talks about the good life after nude pictures tragedy.

TV personality Kleith Kyatuhaire talks about the good life after nude pictures tragedy.

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In 2014 Kleith Kyatuhaire had two Makerere University students taken to Wandegeya Police station for trying to extort 2 million Ugx from her or else they would release her nude photos to the press.

Little did she know that the same threats would follow her a year later but this time demanding for 5 Million Ugx in exchange for the pictures. Something she didn’t take serious thus forcing the goons to  leak he nakedness to the public towards the end of 2015. The whole social media was taken aback.

The Jovial and smiley media personality however didn’t let her guard down. Despite resigning from her NTV job, Kleith continued aiming higher and today, she has a juicy job in Dubai plus an online baby shop dubbed ‘Dimples’.

The TV personality talked about the nude pictures tragedy and how she kept going despite the misinformation in the tabloids.

“It was this same hour, this same time that I received that call, a call I last received about a year ago from a strange voice about having”nude” pictures of me and this time being the last warning…this person wanted five million Ugandan shillings and this time he would share the pictures. I was very confident and asked him to carry on… oh little did I know….

At the university we had a “small gate” y’all remember how short it would be especially the fact that you did not have to go through the main gate, it was the perfect short cut,being an evening student after work, I had so much time during the day, if I did not have a shoot recording or a gig, I spent most of my time in my hostel room where my friends visited me as we enjoyed the Wandengeya pork from Queens, roast chicken and all…oh that tasted good…the kabozzi, was OMG…haha campus slang though…
The Samsung note 2 had just been released and I was among the lucky few to get it, oh yes…I was. Problem is, I hard to cut my SIM card from macro to micro, I took all the random pictures you could think of just to see how good the camera was including the mighty nudes🙄. I was robbed of my bag which had the phone as I had to cut the SIM card from the “small gate”. My brand new note 2 was in there but I was glad I still had my small galaxy phone with my contacts in my jean pocket.

So this stranger calls me a year after and says he still wants the money so he gives me the pictures, this time from three million shillings to Five millionI totally forgot about the selfies, he actually sounded polite but i was not about to give in money for just fawwwwaaa, I insisted on him sharing the pictures. He kept calling for about a week and there….boobs in your face! There was no ex or boyfriend nio nio nio like most tabloids wrote🙄 in fact I don’t date such stupid.

A lot of people kept calling me, about the pictures but I didn’t take it serious, it’s funny but even with death, you don’t believe a person has actually died until it hits you, until a personal friend from church called me to pray🙄 I was like okay…this is for real, I woke up the next morning and NTV’S Kleith Kyatuhaire nio nio nio, I knew I had to speak to my mother, friends that knew my house drove all the way to lubowa, it felt like funeral, I did not speak much but waited for my mother who usually was home by 9pm, that day, it rained so heavily that the traffic got crazy, She was home by 11pm I could not wait to see her,being the news paper reader she is, I knew she had come with them home, so she came up to my room and was so excited about how good her day was, how she spent it in church and what not…there I was sitting in the chair waiting to spoil her day, by the time I started to speak, she held me in her arms and told me the last thing I could ever do to her is kill myself, she said then I would not forgive you and all my years of serving Christ will have gone to waste. She then joked about me taking same pictures 40 years after I have given birth and sacked like socks😂, she immediately changed the topic and I went to bed. My M❤️THER 🙏But the phone calls kept coming in and so were the headlines, it was a challenge but it got me here,some said I needed to sing😂 others to have a photo shoot to keep the fame burning😂 it’s funny how everybody uses their situations. But I killed that Kleith Kyatuhire, I have been working hard on a new me, you need to see my new project when I touch base this December. Am bigger, wiser and yeah, let’s show off God’s goodness RICHER. Y’all need to hang on, that is the only option.
Like the Nigerian movies always end, TO GOD BE THE GLORY.
#challengesbuildworries,embrace them.

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