Vera Sidika spills more dark secrets about her Nigerian Ex-boyfriend.

Vera Sidika spills more dark secrets about her Nigerian Ex-boyfriend.

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Socialite Vera Sidika and is spilling the beans of some of her Nigerian Ex-lover Yommy Johnson’s secrets.

The former video vixen went on a rant on Snapchat yesterday after Yommy Johnson allegedly hacked her Instagram account and blocked all her close friends and all Business pages because he knows she  makes money off Instagram.

“He hacked my damn Instagram and blocked my business pages and my close friends! How would a stranger know who my friends are!… He has been trying to hack my account since July! I was getting alerts for suspicious activities on my Insta and coz of his unhappy scam he managed to hack mu IG page and delete all my pictures…and changed names 3 to 4 times all because he wants to frustrate me! 

“Today i will tell the world what Yomi wanted to do to me! This man wanted to use me. Like he used his other former GFs. He invests time and gets you to trust him then he uses you! Sometimes u wouldn’t even know he’s using u if you’re not SMART! But i was too smart for him… Fact that i was smart and managed to dump him before he could use me is what is paining him. I made him spend money on biz class tickets to go see him and still left him before he could get a chance to use me!”

“Remember that interview i did for Mina TV in NYC my early trip in early Feb? I got paid for it. They gave me a cheque and next day i was flying to Miami. When i landd, i had to get “Cheque for Cash” places in Miami. As usual he would FaceTime me every 2hrs coz of his insecurities! called and wanted to see what i’m upto”

Vera claims that after she told Yomi she was looking for cash for the cheque she was given, Yomi told her to take a picture of the cheque front and back which she declined. “I quickly suspected fault!…Someone asking for front and back pictures of USA Cheque has no good intentions!…I didn’t have my second phone to record anything…till 2 days later i recorded everything concerning cheque issues until he just spoke up about it…that he wanted to print it. I was so furious! If i was dumb i would be in jail in USA serving jail term coz of Yomi”

Vera went ahead and said that when she met him, Yomi said he had stopped fraund because he had gone to Jail for it and didn’t wanna go back. “I believed him coz i thought he had changed. He claims he’s into real estate in Dubai and owns a Spa. LIES LIES!”

“Its Fame you want so bad so i’m gonna make you famous!…People need to know who you are. You date girls and after %months you try to use them for fraud… I WOULD RATHER DATE A 90YR OLD MAN FOR MONEY THAN GETTING MYSELF INTO ILLEGAL BUSINESS. I would rather be called a gold digger  than get into illegal acts.”

“His ex took a car from him coz when he met me, he left herand showed her attitude yet she used to visit him in jail.”

Vera later concluded that it ain’t easy opening up about such situations but her opening up could help a girl somehere to be more careful and pay more attention to the signs.


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