WAR OF PROMOTERS | Don Zella exposes and threatens to sue promoter Suudiman for conning her.

WAR OF PROMOTERS | Don Zella exposes and threatens to sue promoter Suudiman for conning her.

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Singer Big Eye’s ex-lover and Events promoter Nalongo Sheila Don Zella is at war with fellow Events promoter Suudiman Lukwago.

The Events promoter alleges that Suudiman conned her of USD 30,000 promising to get Busy signal to perform at her Spennah beach concert in 2015.

In a long post and a Facebook live video, Don Zella explains that after learning that Ballam had booked Busy Signal, she arrested Suudi and detained him at CPS for a week but later the two parties agreed to settle their differences out of court.
Suudi deposited two Cheque in Bank of Africa but bounced.

“His name is suddi Iukwago a cornman in 2015 I got call and he called himself a promoter my he get my number from his friends who revered him to him that am promoter too who can be interested in big gigs he corned me 30000 dollars promising me to get for me busy signal to perform @ the beach concert after investigation I realised he was just a middle guy but had no right to the artist the artist was booked by Bk afro beat and promoter ballam to make story short I jumped in at serene arrested this fool he spent a week at cps we were sent to court were was ordred to pay he pleaded to pay me by cheques we settle matters out side court he gave me 2 cheques from bank of Africa which bounced .

We tried to look for him in vein until today he changed his phone numbers and everything anybody with information about this thief please put it here to put this man where he belongs he was deported from usa for fraud were he was living all his life .

Suddi am coming for you I have all the evidence and the witnesses including Gareth onyango , cox eddy kenzo manager , arafat number emu cox Kibedi Cox Balaam Barugahara Busy signal’ s manager statement from tuff music that they never got any money from you and marketing team pepsi oja kutya don’t think am in America I won’t return home justice will be served continue running but u can’t hide u can only speak because am out of the country am gona come to the same tv with all the evidence I have checks u provided in your name and all the agreements and pictures handing you money oja kugwamu obubi u steal from me and start ur childish talks tell the world why u were deported u fool if I was omufere lwaki basibamu gwe sinze…”

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