Zari Hassan’s sister Zahra shares life threatening message after heart break.

Zari Hassan’s sister Zahra shares life threatening message after heart break.

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All is not well with Zari Hassan’s sister Zahra Hassan.

The socialite’s baby sister took to her social media and shared a life threatening post saying she was tired if being cheated on and being beaten all the time.

“Am tired am tired am tired cant take in all that i go thru death calling.tired of giving my heart and all i get in return i beatings and being cheated on not anymore y’ll will be free am gone no need to worry about stupid lazy ass bitch zahra who just gives you nothing but haedaches.”

Zahra and her husband

This post raised an alarm to friends and family including celebrities who came out to encourage and comfort Zahra telling her not to harm herself.

“OMG Zahra,it’s not the end of the world my dear,you have people who love you…please focus on your children.
Trust me all will be well.” Bebe Cool’s wife Zuena Kirema pleaded

Hey beautiful, You are loved and that’s why you are still on earth!! God loves you and you have people that love you too!! Never allow anyone to make you feel worthless. Sending you lots of love x” Sheilah Gashumba also encouraged the disturbed Zahra” Sheila Gashumba also comforted the disturbed Zahra

Oh honey breath,your a strong woman that just had enough. Your loved and cared for… Don’t give up .there is light at every end of the tunnel” Sheila Saltoft said

Zaharah is married to a one Mohez Kamali and the couple has been blessed with four children.

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